Some of our featured artists include:

Jan Daley

Jan DaleyJan Daley is a svelte, lovely, leggy showgirl who sings, dances, and acts with equal skill. Indeed, she is a is a true triple-threat with credentials as a singer, actress, and songwriter!

DriveTime UOJ

DriveTime UOJA band three decades in the making, they have been forging ahead in some configuration since the mid 70’s. Every member of this unit has developed a reputation on the Philadelphia jazz scene and all have become a creative and noteworthy members of the world wide Jazz community. Forged in smoky jazz clubs of the 70’s DrivetimeUOJ retains that soulfulness and individual talent you would expect from a band with such history.

Jennifer Scott

Alessia D'AndreaJennifer Scott is a classically trained pianist and singer, releasing her debut album Le temps de l’amour in May 2016. The album reflects a musical archeology that began in years of classical piano, expanded into French and Spanish vocals, and culminated in a kaleidoscope of French and Latin music that evokes the unpretentious glamour of the 60’s.

Atlantic Starr

Atlantic StarrFrom their first hit in 1978, ‘Stand Up’, written by one of the original and current members, Wayne Lewis, to their current song, ‘My Best Friend’, Atlantic Starr’s influence and legacy has spanned nearly four decades. Born out of Greenburgh, NY in 1976 and quickly becoming known worldwide, Atlantic Starr’s hits bring smiles to faces of ALL ages proving that their music is timeless. The group’s upcoming album, ‘Metamorphosis’ rockets Atlantic Starr into the future with a renewed purpose of embracing new generations of listeners while remaining firmly planted in the past qualities that made the group successful in the first place.

Legal Ethics Musical

Legal EthicsAudioplay musical lampoon of the legal system by a lawyer, disclosing the skulduggery we call Justice.

Alessia D’Andrea

Alessia D'AndreaFrom dance to rock, from acoustic to electronic. From her hit songs with international djs, to the prestigious pop-rock collaborations with Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, David Arch (Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams), Steafan Hannigan (Bjork, Depeche Mode), Stephan Zeh (Lionel Richie, Phil Collins) and many others.

Jazz In P!nk

Jazz in PinkJAZZ IN P!NK is an all star female ensemble of musical women in jazz that projects talent, beauty, power and femininity as they embrace the stage! Our mission is to promote women in jazz, by providing live performance opportunities showcasing each others music. We endeavor to provide educational opportunities and mentorship to upcoming rising stars

Geoff Alpert

Geoff AlpertTrombonist, composer, section leader. Contemporary Jazz Artist.

Gail Jhonson

Gail JhonsonThe First Lady of Smooth Jazz is a distinction that Gail Denise Jhonson has worked a lifetime to achieve. Jhonson brings all of her many talents to bear as soul-lifting spiritualist, next-gen feminist inspiration, big-picture band leader and, Philly street-corner rhythmist; building on a foundation of straight-ahead jazz, R&B, Funk and Gospel.

Clay Melton Band

Clay Melton BandClay Melton is a twenty-one year old American musician, songwriter, and recording studio session artist.

Duffy Kane

Duffy KaneDuffy Kane is an American country blues-rock boogie rebel who plays a mean guitar, howls up a sandstorm and writes a helluva insightful lyric.

Mitchell Coleman Jr.

Mitchell Coleman Jr. Jazz/Funk Fusion singer songwriter

Cheryl Barnes

CherylBarnes-ListenToThis-cover10 600x600 Jazz singer

Beatrice Mason

Brasilian smooth jazz artist


Pop and R&B

Angie Whitney

Jazz artist



Rev. Julian Turner


Princess Blue Music Library

Princess Blue Music Library

Booty Kamp

Booty Kamp – a dance act that puts one in the mind of artists like LMFAO. Produced around the concept of the cartoon ‘Betty Boop’.

The Music Umbrella

The Music Umbrella – music publishing and and licensing services.

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